The Two Trees Movements

I. The Blessed Tree

Great saddened was the Tree of Life when it beheld Adam stolen away from it; it sank down into the virgin ground and was hidden—to burst forth and reappear on Golgotha.

In His love there came to us the blessed Tree: the one wood undid the work of the other, the one fruit was annulled by the other, that which brought death by that which is alive.

II. Who can expound

Who is there who can expound that Tree which caused those who sought it to go astray?

It is an invisible target, hidden from the eyes, which wearies those who shoot at it.

It is both the Tree of Knowledge, and of the opposite; it is the cause of knowledge, for by it humanity knows what was the gift that was lost and the punishment that took its place.

Blessed is that Fruit which has mingled a knowledge of the Tree of Life into mortals.

III. The Sword of the Cherub

With the blade of the sword of the cherub was the path to the Tree of Life shut off, but to the Peoples has the Lord of that Tree given Himself as food.

V. Eden’s other trees

Whereas Eden’s other trees were provided for that former Adam to eat, for us the very Planter of the Garden has become the food for our souls.

VI. Humanity, like birds that are chased

In His love there came to us the blessed Tree; humanity, like birds that are chased, took refuge in it so that it might return them to their proper home.

The chaser was chased away, while the doves that had been chased now hop with joy in Paradise.

VII. The Assembly of Saints

The assembly of saints has a semblance of Paradise: in it, daily, is plucked the Fruit of Him who gives life to all.

IV. Wheras we had left that Garden

Wheras we had left that Garden along with Adam, as he left it behind, now that the sword has been removed by the lance, we may return there.

VIII. Blessed be the Merciful One

Blessed be the Merciful One who saw the sword beside Paradise, barring the way to the Tree of Life; He came and took to Himself a body which was wounded so that, by the opening of His side, He might open up the way into Paradise.

Glory to You, O Lord, glory to You! Amen.